Innovations for Life

The BioMed Jena GmbH was founded in March 1997 for the realization of new product ideas in the field of biomedical engineering. In cooperation with many research institutions we develop new medical measurement methods and systems for our customers.
All products will constantly improved and expanded. The updates are free for our customers and can be easily installed via the software.

ENT Systems

Since establishing the company in the year 1997 we have been active in the field of ENT diagnostics.
We work as a developer, OEM supplier as well as under our own BioMed label.
Our products are identified by the small "e" at the beginning of the name! We improve our products continuously and help our customers through a lifelong free software update to participate.

Magnetic Systems

The measurement of very leak magnetic fields become more and more interesting, even in medicin. We develop and produce analog and digital sensor systems for the measurement of magnetic fields down to pico Tesla range.

Custom Development

You want to develop a new product and do not have the resources to do so?

Use our know-how for your products.

We develop for more than 20 years on behalf of our customers devices and algorithms.