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Hearing diagnostic made in Germany

All devices - one Software - one database.

For 10 years, we develop and produce equipment for the subjective and objective determination of the hearing loss.

We offer solutions for private practice as well as special solutions for hospitals and researchers.


Otoacoustic emissions (OAE), discovered by David Kemp in 1978, are now the gold standard in newborn hearing screening.
The eOAE as a portable device offers not only the possibility to perform a screening examination but is indispensable in the determination of hearing impairment in adults ... click


Classical pure tone and speech audiometry is an indispensable means of hearing diagnosis. The eAUDIO USB is a modern 2-channel PC audiometer with 3 passive loudspeaker outputs ... click


Brainstem evoked response audiometry or BERA (ABR) is an objective examination method for detecting hearing problems. It uses the early acoustically evoked potentials with a latency of less than 10 ms


Impedance audiometry as simple as never eTYMP USB. Due to the robust processing, an exact and fast pumping system, the tympanometry becomes a children's play


4 to 6 channel freefield amp ... click.


Special audiometry keyboard with volume slider and cap sense keys for soundless operation.... click.