eDVA USB - Dynamic visual acuity during VOR

Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) describes visual image stability where the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR) counters head motion by moving
the eyes in the opposite direction to maintain a clear view of the world. The eDVAUSB provides static and dynamic visus information in
normal subjects such as pilots and athletes and in patients with vestibular or neurological disorders.

Simpler versions of this test involve reading an eye chart while the patient is shaking their head. If the patient must move up two lines on the eye chart to see the characters clearly, then their VOR is considered abnormal. One problem with the simple test is that the character can be read while the patient’s head is stopped. The eDVA USB computerized version will only present the character to the patient when their head is moving at a high velocity where only the VOR is functional and not pursuit. The test is also direction sensitive, so the right and left sides be tested separately. Also vertical directions are possible.

  • Overview
  • Parameters
>> Framerate max. 200 Hz
>> Camera resolution: 1280x1024 Pixel
>> USB 2.0
>> Infrared lightning according to EN 60825-1 
>> IM-Sensor mit 800 Hz
>> Resolution stimulus screen 1920x1080 @ 13"


>> Framerate mask: 100 Hz synchron
>> Image resolution mask: 1280x1024 Pixel
>> Screen resolution stimulus screen 13" : 1920x1080 (FullHD)
>> USB 2.0
>> IR light according to EN 60825-1 

min. computer requirements

>> Prozessor: Intel i5
>> RAM: 4 GB
>> Grafikkarte: 2 GB RAM
>> Monitor: 1600x900 Pixel