eFRENZEL USB - Video Frenzel System

The eFRENZEL - video frenzel goggles provides ideal conditions for fixation-free observation and recording of eye movements. Furthermore the stimulating maneuvers can also be recorded. At a glance, you can see the movements of the eyes resulting from the maneuver performed. You can create comments and notes for the individual videos.

eFRENZEL USB - available as a software upgrade for eVNG, eHIT,eHIT+ or as stand alone system.

  • Overview
  • Parameters
» video recording
» room camera as small picture in video stream
» Fix LED for suppression
» create your own protocols
» play back fucntionality
» full screen video


>> Framerate goggles: binocular 100 Hz synchron
>> Image resolution goggles: 1280x1024 Pixel
>> Framerate room camera: 30 Hz synchron
>> Image resolution room camera: 1900x1080 Pixel (Full HD)
>> Auto focus
>> USB 2.0
>> Infrared light according to EN 60825-1 

min. Computer requirements

>> Processor: Intel i5
>> RAM: 4 GB
>> Video card: 2 GB RAM
>> Screen resolution: 1600x900 Pixel