Small device - high quality

eVEMP - for c- und oVEMP.

Easy to use !

Übersichtliches und strukturiertes Benutzerinterface.

eVEMP USB - Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (c- and oVEMP)

The cVEMP test measures and analyzes the vestibular evoked myogenic potentials produced by a loud stimulus in the ipsilateral ear. During the
derivation, the patient must contribute to the contraction of the sternocleidomastoid, e.g. by pressing the head against the palm. The cVEMP
ratio (difference left to right derivative) is calculated automatically. The cVEMP test is a functional test of the otolithic organ and is used for testing the
operation of the saccule. It also provides an indication of the function of the nervous equilibrium (N. saccularis).

  • Overview
  • Parameters
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» small device with USB interface only (no power supply)
» air conducted cVEMP measurement as well as oVEMP
» calculation of all relevant parameters
» detection of VEMP threshold
» full isolated digital interface
» innovative biofeedback device eVibrationUSB
» selectable VEMP partner
» Stimulation via toneburst (5.1/s)
» probe frequencies 250, 500, 750 and 1000 Hz
» detailed results printout
» no other computer hardware required
» network ready
» free software update
» compatible with Windows Vista/ 7/ 8.0/ 8.1 (32/ 64 Bit)


» 24 Bit and 2 kHz data aquisition
- Einzelfrequenz Burst
- CW-VEMP-Chirp (RTM)
- Multi Frequency analysis
- automated impedance control

- Biofeedback device
- VVibration according to muscle power

min. computer requirements

>> Processor: Intel i5
>> RAM: 4 GB
>> Screen resolution: 1600x900 Pixel
>> 1 or 2 free USB 2.0 Ports