eOAE - Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAE+DPOAE)

When an acoustic signal hits the auditory system, the inner ear sends back a very quiet sound, the otoacoustic emissions. A distinction is made between transitory otoacoustic emissions (TEOAE) and distorsively produced otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE).

Both TEOAE and DPOAE can be measured with the eOAE device. A special screening mode is implemented for performing screening examinations on newborns.

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     - User defineable stop criteria
     - 4 adjustable profiles
     - Display as time graph or frequency diagram
     - All parameters at a glance

     - 4 adjustable profiles
     - Display as DP-Gramm and Table

    - Method TEOAE
    - Clear result presentation

»» Easy charging via docking station
»» Easy cleaning of the probe parts
»» Good disinfectability through touch screen
»» Optional printer available

»» Clear measurement data management also on the device
»» Qwerz keyboard for convenient data entry on the device
»» GDT-Interface
»» Full integration into the eDM Diagnostic Manager

eOAE device

»» Samplerate: 48 KHz
»» ADC resolution: 24 Bit
»» Touch display: 480x794 Pixel
»» Weight device: only 320 Gramm
»» 3700 mAh battery for long operating times
»» Dimensions: 140x95x26 mm
»» Completely dismountable and easy to clean probe
»» Compatible with Sanibel™ ADI ear tips
»» Meets the requirements of DIN EN 60645-6:2010

Standard delivery

»» Bag with inlay compartments
»» eOAE device with probe
»» Sorting box with ear tips
»» Set of spare parts probe
»» Charging station with docking function
»» USB flash pen with PC software
»» Test cavity

min. Computeranforderungen

»» Processor: Intel i5
»» RAM: 4 GB
»» Screen-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel (Full HD)
»» Windows 10