KALORIstar - Air irrigator with active cooling technology

Bithermal examination in VNG is still important. The air airrigator KALORIstar gives you an exact tempered air flow. For warm rooms the device has an active cooling installed and can reach 7K below ambient temperature.

  • Overview
  • Parameters
» fast temperature regulation
» cold air temperature up to 7 Kelvin below ambient temperature
» clearly structured control panel
» remote controlling via eVNGUSB possible


>> Temperature range 20...47 C
>> air flow 5 or 8l/min
>> temperature acuity 0,5K
>> weight: 5 kg

min. Computeranforderungen

>> Prozessor: Intel i5
>> RAM: 4 GB
>> Grafikkarte: 2 GB RAM
>> Monitor: 1600x900 Pixel (besser Full HD)